The Evening Gala

A night to remember…

Experience a one of a kind gala with a festive dinner, a red carpet event featuring
the who is who of dancing and an awe inducing evening session with vibrant showcase and VIP dances!

The Dinner

Start the evening with a dinner among friends and enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach and the mediterranean sea on the terrace of the Hilton Hotel

The Red Carpet

Witness an extravagant Red Carpet event where Stars from TV and world class professional dancers present themselves and give interviews

The Gala

Let’s dance! The highlight of the evening gala where special VIP showcases, professional performances and a friendly team match all come together!

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The Dinner

The evening event starts with a dinner on the spectacular terrace of the Hilton Tel Aviv Waterfront, garant of magic sunsets and definitely among the best views in the world overlooking the mediterranean sea. At your table you can enjoy the company of other dance enthusiasts from several countries to meet and grow your network.

The Dinner begins at 20:00 h and lasts until 21:20 h

The Red Carpet

Get ready for a glamorous Moment when the stars and celebrities of the dancing world emerge and walk down the Red Carpet in the spotlight one by one! Be right there to meet the who is who of ProAm dancing and see them up close, giving interviews about their upcoming performances and posing for photos.

The Red Carpet Event starts at 21:30 h and ends at 22:00 h

The Gala

This is the purest celebration of dancing! We’ll showcase and partake in a broad variety of dances, VIP-Showcases, a fun Team Match, professional performances and bring the day to a spectacular and thunderous end! Please find more details about the dance program below.

22:00 – 22:10 h Official Opening with representatives from Tel Aviv and Vienna

Dance Highlights

Team Match

Our Team Match takes fun and excitement to a next level. Four Teams of ProAm couples challenging each other in a high octane dance-off! The audience will be divided in supporting groups for each team creating an ecstatic firework of dance, music and cheering crowds!

Professional Show

A special Showcase of awe & wonder! We are going to have World Champions of dance on the parquet demonstrating their skills in an outstanding performance.

The Vienna Music Highlights

A celebration of Viennese and Austrian culture is the premise of this evening highlight. Experience the amazing voice of famous viennese Opera singer Thomas Weinappel when he presents a selection of his repertoire live on stage. Witness a beautiful Viennese Waltz Showcase and submerge yourself into viennese culture by joining everyone on the dance floor to perform a beautiful “Viennese Quadrille”. Leading through the evening will Viennese Emcee Andre Chitu with his typical Viennese Charme.

Israeli folkloristic dance

Eli Mizrahi, celebrity and judge in Dancing with the Stars Israel, will guide the audience of participants in a fantastic traditional dance, which is one of the many highlights of our ProAm Dance Event.

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